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About Us

The economy plays a vital role in uplifting the status of any nation. Being thecitizen of a developing country, we realized that an increase in investment would be profitable to our country. With this idea, we ended up establishing this venture - Nepal Investment Company Private Limited - with the group of investors under Company Act 2063. We aim to increase investment in the private sectors.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Planning and advice
  • Competent Professionals
  • Maximum Return

Our services

Real Estate

This investment company mainly focuses on real estates. This is our modern way to buyor sell a home. Our mission is to redefine real estate in the consumer’s favor. We are local experts who can get you better results in low fees.

Stock Market

There is a huge number of Nepalese investors who desire to invest in the stock market. But due to lack of investment skills, analysis of financial statement, information about share they bear the loss.


The main motto of our investment center is to increase investment in the private sector.Investment is done in a wide range of sectors like hydropower, airlines, hospitals which are essential for the public.

Why Choose Us?

We believe yourrelationship with money is one of the greatest influences on your well-being. At Nepal Investment Center, we help you invest in yourfinancial well-being from real estates to the stock market.

Best Service

We assure the best service in terms of work. We offer you the best deal.

Competent Pros

We have a team ofCompetent Professionals who will be accompanying you through the process.

Low Commission

Nepal Investment Company can complete your work with confined about of sum.


You can relyon us for your financial investment. We guarantee you the best outcome of your investment.

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